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A New Partnership to Enhance YOUR Experience...

We are proud and excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Phil M. Jones, an award-winning international speaker, author, and trainer. Phil has worked in over 20 countries across 5 continents and is consistently recognized as an authority of sales psychology and negotiation. The focus of this partnership is to help our team bring a higher level of patient engagement to ensure that we are meeting our Core Purpose: "To provide the best possible medical care in the communities where we work." While this initiative is specifically targeted to our audiology business we expect that Phil's vast experience will impact ALL of our Texas ENT Specialists team and help create the exceptional patient experience we strive for every day.



Every Sound is Precious.

Choose a specialist for your hearing health care, The Hearing Specialists of Texas.

Hearing is critical to both listening and speech, as well as your overall well being . In short, your hearing plays a critical role in the quality of your life.The Hearing Specialists of Texas, part of Texas ENT Specialists, are doctors and health care professionals committed to restoring your hearing. The synergy between our doctors and audiologists is the key to providing patients with the very best hearing health care.

If you have a hearing problem, you’ll see a Hearing Specialists of Texas audiologist in the Texas ENT Specialists office. Based on the results of your hearing test, the audiologist will make recommendations to the doctor on how to improve your hearing. The audiologist and the physician coordinate treatment plans to ensure you receive excellent management for your hearing problems. Your treatment is in one location instead of traveling between offices or specialties.

Hearing Specialists of Texas offers the latest technology and most advanced hearing devices. Our audiologists and staff constantly study the newest hearing aid technology and treatment advancements. We fit you with hearing aids that are right for your loss and lifestyle.

Why should you choose a Hearing Specialists of Texas Audiologist?

  • Our Audiologists are specially trained in the prevention, identification, assessment, and non-medical treatment of hearing and balance disorders.
  • Audiologists at Hearing Specialists of Texas coordinate care with ear, nose and throat doctors from Texas ENT Specialists.
  • Our Audiologists completed a minimum of a Masters Degree and most have completed an Au.D., Doctor of Audiology Degree.
  • In addition to graduate level educating, our audiologists completed a full-time internship and pass a demanding national competency examination.
  • Audiologists are certified and licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners.
  • Audiologists are required by the state of Texas and Audiology governing organizations to maintain annual continuing education for the length of their career.
  • By virtue of their graduate education and licensure, audiologists are the most qualified professionals to perform hearing tests and provide hearing rehabilitative services.
  • We have more than 20 highly trained Audiologists devoted to the practice and promotion of healthy hearing and communication enhancement.

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